It has become legend.

The reason this time? Well, as Steven Bunche and many others have pointed out, the musical still lacks an ending. Git ‘er done! Producers announced the show will be delayed until March 15 (pushed back from February 7) and several performances have been canceled between now and then to allow more time to fine-tine the technical aspects of the show — which is the most complex ever brought to Broadway — and to work on the ending, and allow Bono and The Edge to work on the unpopular score.

Describing the show as “ten-times more complicated to tech [technically rehearse] than anything else,” Mr. Cohl said the preview schedule allowed for only 12 hours per week for that task.

“We simply need more time to fully execute the creative team’s vision before freezing the show,” he said. “I picked a date in March that allows me to ensure that this will be the final postponement.”

When the show finally opens, it will have been in previews for longer than any other show in history. Just one of many records set by the show — it’s all the most expensive ever. And it has also set a record for the most comic book inspired characters bonked on the head.


  1. They’re bringing in producer Steve Lillywhite to help add improvements to the sound. To me, that’s enough of a reason for them to delay the opening yet again.

  2. If it means anything I’d like to point out that I saw it and loved it Also it got a standing ovation and most of all young kids loved it. I was sitting in the first row and saw a 6 year run to the stage to leave Spider-Man a picture he drew of Spidey saving MJ from the Goblin. Can you say adorable? I thought you could.

    Screw what the New York Post says, I’ll listen to the 6 year olds review any day of the week.

    Where there some issues with the show? Yes. Are there some things that didn’t work that well? Yes, but nothing that I don’t think is fixable. What works, works really really well. What doesn’t could easily be fixed with a re-write or two.

    As to the unpopular score, nearly everyone (including me) at the souvenir stand was asking for the CD, (which they haven’t recorded yet). It’s possible I was at an atypical performance but considering the box office it’s doing somehow I don’t think so.

  3. I have to echo the sentiments of Darren J Hudak. I enjoyed the show very much on 1/2/11. The sets, costumes, music and acting were terrific. I was also one of those looking for the CD. Some things need to be tweaked, but nothing drastic. I can see where theater and comic book critics will both dislike aspects of the show, but they panned the Addams Family and it’s doing pretty good. I need to see the show again from a different perspective to enjoy the flying sequences and see the changes. (I had marvelous seats in one of the boxes.) Screw those who poo-poo the show with hysterical reports of injuries. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

  4. Do you remember all the bad press the preceded TITANIC? All sorts of stories of very lengthy production periods, cost overruns, problems on the set, etc…

    And that movie made HUGE amounts of money. I suspect this will be similar.

    I have no idea if it is good or not, but history has shown that all the problems they are having may not necessarily ruin the show’s run.