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Spider-Man musical casting!


Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you sing and dance at the same time while flying through the air and fighting Doc Ock? Director Julie Taymor is looking for you as the much-anticipated Spider-Man musical finally begins getting underway:

Ensemble Dancers:
Males and Females 20s – 40s, all ethnicities. Strong technically trained dancers who have a strong contemporary and modern background. Looking for all types; with a quirky sense of movement and style. Knowledge of gymnastics, aerial flying and stunts a plus. Looking for dancers who sing very well.

Salary 1558/week min

  1. Seriously? That’s what a professional Broadway dancer earns these days?!? And that’s the minimum?? O.O

    Someone needs to explain to me again how the downturn in the economy and Broadway shows affect eacha other.

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