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SPELL ON WHEELS sequel hits shelves just in time for Halloween

They're back...


Witches Andy, Claire and Jolene are on the road again in Dark Horse’s Spell On Wheels: Just to Get to You, a sequel to the best-selling series from returning creators Kate LethMegan LevensMarissa Louise and Rachel Deering. This installment debuts Oct. 9, just in time for an extra spooky, extra magical Halloween.

According to a press release, Just to Get to You follows these magical friends down I-10 as they grapple with phantoms, family drama, cryptids, crushes and more. Claire finds herself possessed by a dark presence in the west, making them all determined to discover why — and who.

The original series followed Andy, Claire and Jolene as they hunted a mysterious thief who robbed them of their magical items. It was a race against the clock to recover their stuff before he did any damage to (or with) them, and this sequel series sounds like it will be just as fast-paced. The witches are back — and so are the shenanigans that seem to follow them everywhere they go. What’s a road trip without a little chaos and magic?

Spell On Wheels: Just to Get to You #1 (of 5) is currently available for pre-order. Find out more information Check out the cover art below.

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