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Some things that should never be seen


Io9 has some concept “art” for the Nicolas Cage/Tim Burton Superman movie that was thankfully strangled in its cradle.

  1. Wow! That is seriously bad (even for Cage) but I can’t get over how he looks like a wax dummy in this pic. I like Nick Cage, I really like Kevin Smith (who wrote the script) and I think Tim Burton is a genius but this had “Epic Fail” written all over it.

  2. All of the sudden, SUPERMAN RETURNS seems like a much better film than it did less than a minute ago.

    What’s next, costume shots of Brendan Fraser in the aborted J.J. Abrams take?

  3. Oh…my…God….

    Heidi, I understand your wanting to show this to us, but really, you should have filed this under Some Things Man Is Not Meant To Know…

  4. “Ladies and gentlemen – Jeff Spicoli as Superman!”

    Sean Penn was one of Jon Peters choices to play Superman.

  5. But where’s the giant spider.. er.. Thanagarian snare beast?

    Damn. Somehow it’s worse than I imagined it to be. It’s like somehow Superman was marketed to Hot Topic.

    And yeah, Peters wanted Penn as Superman because he looked like a caged animal. What? This is the man Warners had producing a Superman film, folks. That Kevin Smith lecture where he talks about his work on this film is amazing.

  6. currently working with an actor who spent a year auditioning for Superman Returns; for all the various directors and producers who passed through the production. the only thing he had to say about the whole thing was “thank God i didn’t get it”

  7. Who did the art on those?

    They’re terribly ugly designs, but the art itself is pretty good.

    And if you think this is bad, try to find the Doomsday. I’ve seen it. It’s not pretty.

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