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SKIN HORSE goes to GoComics


Another sign of the times, as GoComics, the comics portal for the digital distribution service uclick and comic strip book behemoth Andrews McMeel, picks up SKIN HORSE by Shaenon K. Garrity and writer Jeffrey C. Wells.

Garrity is the creator of numerous webcomics, including the critically acclaimed online comic strip Narbonic. Skin Horse, cowritten by Garrity and Wells and drawn by Garrity, has been running daily at Skin-Horse.com since January. Starting this week, it will also run on GoComics.com.

Skin Horse follows the staff of Project Skin Horse, a secret government organization dedicated to the protection of America’s nonhuman citizens: robots, beast-men, zombies, and other neglected products of mad science. The organization’s field agents are Sweetheart, a no-nonsense talking dog; Unity, a patchwork Frankenstein girl; and Tip, a cross-dressing psychologist and the team’s token human. The comic is both a gag strip and a serial comic with ongoing story arcs.

Fantagraphics editor Kristy Valenti named Garrity’s previous serial strip, Narbonic, one of the best comics of 2006 in The Comics Journal’s annual Best Comics list. “Shaenon Garrity’s art has sharpened and matured with Skin Horse,” she says.

Editorial cartoonist Mike Lynch writes, “It pricks up the ears and eyes. And you have to pay attention. [Garrity and Wells have] a whole world to introduce us to, starting with Tip, Unity, and Sweetheart.”

“I don’t usually do reviews here,” Lynch writes on his blog, mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com, “but I’d like to recommend the strip if you enjoy fantasy mixed with comedy.”

Fans can read the latest Skin Horse strip at www.GoComics.com/skinhorse. They can also sign up to receive each new installment in their email for free through GoComics or have Skin Horse emailed to them daily along with a customized collection of their favorite comics through MyComicsPage.com, a premium subscription service offered by GoComics.

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