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Siegel heirs win legal point based on blog


The latest round of the seesaw “one for you, one for me” legal battle between the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and Time Warner has gone to the Siegels, according to ICv2:

The heirs of Jerry Siegel have won another round in the court case over the rights to Superman because of a blog comment on Newsarama by long-time publisher and agent Denis Kitchen. The ruling in federal court determined that the Seigel heirs own the rights to Action Comics #4; Superman #1, pages 3-6; and the first two weeks worth of Superman daily newspaper strips. The court had earlier held that the Siegel heirs owned the rights to ACTION #1 (see “Siegel Heirs Win Superman Case”).

While we expect Jeff Trexler to come along any minute and explain this in depth, the ruling stems from a post by Trexler (not, as far as we can tell, Denis Kitchen) revealing early versions of of Superman — predating their contract with Detective Comics — by Siegel and artist Russell Keaton. The material has been deemed to be owned by the Siegels due to their previous recapture of Action #1.

  1. Obtaining a portion of the copyright for the first two weeks of the newspaper strip is important to the Siegels because those strips include the first references to “Krypton” and “Kal-El”.

    On the Trexler/Kitchen question, I believe the blog post was by Trexler, but the new information came from a comment to that post by Kitchen (that is the way I understood the reference).

    I’m not sure whether this ruling will make settlement more likely or less likely, but it is an interesting development.

  2. Good lord how did I miss this! And I am Newsarama almost every other day. Trexler almost may single handedly ruined DC’s chances of keeping the character? Lets hope not!

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