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SHUT IN THEATER: 32 Weekend Readings Later

It's time for the 32nd Weekend Reading!


Happy Halloween! Have you a chance to check out all of our Trick or Beat coverage yet? In addition to our plans for 32 Weekend Readings Later, we’re ready to celebrate the end of October with a whole month’s worth of comics, movies, and other spooky seasonal suggestions!

With the spread of COVID-19 still unmitigated (and more new cases reported in the United States this week than there have been since March, when this whole nightmare began), you can rest assured that we’ll be spending our All Hallows’ Weekend inside some with books and comics. What will you be reading as you light the jack-o’-lantern?

32 Weekend Readings Later: Plunge

AVERY KAPLAN: I need something spooky to read for Halloween weekend, so I’ll be diving into PLUNGE by Joe Hill, Stuart Immonen, Dave Stewart, and Deron Bennett. Then, when I come up for air, I don’t think I’m done with vampires yet! I’ll slake my thirst with the novel Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite.

32 Weekend Readings Later: Young Justice

TAIMUR DAR: I’m a big fan of the Young Justice animated series but I’ve never really dove into the original ongoing series that Peter David wrote. Since David actually wrote a few episodes of the cartoon, I figure I should actually read his entire run especially since it’s on the DC Universe platform. 

32 Weekend Readings Later: Ice Cream Man

RICARDO SERRANO: Today’s the best day of the year and I celebrate with a day-long horror movie marathon (which will begin with The People Under the Stairs). But there’s always room for comics and that spot goes to Christopher Cantwell and Martin Morazzo’s bizarre horror anthology Ice Cream Man. This book is filled with unconventional horrors guided by a mysterious ice cream man that takes us from one segment to the next also having a role in them. Don’t wait for the sun to go down! Get into horror early and build up to the truly scary stuff. Also…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

32 Weekend Readings Later: Spawn Vault

BILLY HENEHAN: It’s Halloween, so I wanted something fitting that theme for my entry into this week’s installment of Shut In Theater. Luckily, I recently bought the second installment of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Vault. It’s the Spawn equivalent of an Artist’s Edition. Volume 2 contains full size reproductions of the back half of Todd McFarlane’s run as the sole artist on the title AND contains his collaborations with Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Dave Sim and Alan Moore. We also get to see the reveal of who killed Al Simmons, Spawn’s alter ego, a fun tie-in to Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood. I doubt I’ll ever own an original Todd McFarlane page, so this is definitely the next best thing and then some.

Inside the Spawn Vault
Inside the Spawn Vault

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