Edited to add….we found more! This one should be called SAVAGE LUMBAR REGION!


  1. “Savage” is not the word that comes to mind.

    Just what, EXACTLY, is Dynamite Entertainment unleashing?

    Remember when Dave Stevens took some criticism for putting this on a T-Shirt?
    Flip the image and it’s almost the same pose!

    Of course, the big difference is that here, the female is dominant and independent. You’ve come a long way, baby!

    (And what is the purpose of chain mail armor if it doesn’t protect the body? Distracting the enemy? Yeah, I guess it’s durable…)

  2. Okay, so this is obviously sex fantasy stuff. Not my thing, but what I don’t understand is why we’re harping on this, but just down the blog we’re loving the late (and wonderful) Betty Page. I am both a lover of sexy women, and a true believer in the fact that women need to be aware of their worth as human beings, beyond having men lust after them. Where dose having a real flesh and blood woman, strut around naked become acceptable, and drawing provocative women in chain mail become unacceptable? Thoughts? Anyone?

  3. When the book is called “Savage TALES” and the picture is a woman sticking her ass into the camera (as it were)?

    Presumably, the humor would be there in this instance, even if it were a “real girl.”

  4. The first cover looks like she’s surprised to see someone staring at her can while she’s fighting.
    “TASTE MY BLADE, BLOOD SERPENT! DIE AND… oh hey. What? I’m battlin’ here.”

  5. I hereby invent the “uncover”.
    lessee… fanservice (sexy heroine on the cover, showing more skin than clothing); upskirt shot of Sonja’s panties, which are quite skanty (one hopes that that is the material’s original color); female character carrying large bloody phalic symbol, encouraging endless deconstruction; suggestive pose which catches the eye and stokes the imagination.
    Did I forget anything? I’m a guy and easily distracted…

  6. Comic book readers often take passes on covers that don’t feature asses.

    And with that Dorothy Parker has just rolled over in her grave.

  7. I’m surprised this hasn’t come up earlier, since the series is several years old. There are other variant covers that showcase her boobs as well…

    Whether you like the cheesecake art or hate it, Dynamite continues to break an important rule of comics covers: Don’t obscure the title! Of course, with the second cover shown, it could have been deliberate; The title looks like “SAVAGE LES”…


  8. I know cheesecake has not always been the favorite dessert of the cool (alternative) comics crowd. & Joe has done a Sonja cover – actually two – here’s one:


    In defense of cheesecake, all I can say is, it’s sweet! OK, really. I like the work Joe does, & I do, ’cause it looks more real & attainable than most glamor gal art. I’m not saying we don’t use T & A. Oh yeah. But man..um..I don;t even know how to react to those two. I’ve been doing this for so long my first thought was – yikes, can’t we find some better way to deal w/ the bar code?

    I’ve been bitching about chainmail bikinis since my college days of playing D & D. In the few fantasy stories I’ve written, the heroine is a scholar, who wears robes & glasses. But, during the day, I’ve colored plenty of women wearing not much at all.