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Shop at Ralphs for the Hero Initiative


As The Beat wanders each week through a cramped Gristedes, pushing a tiny, child- or midget-sized cart through narrow, stacked-up aisles, hoping against hope to find a fresh pepper or garlic clove in the bedraggled produce area, our thoughts often return to the wonders of Ralphs, the California-based chain which has — let’s be honest here — far superior greens than any Gormenghast-like NYC grocery store. Now we have another reason to wish to live near a Ralphs — shopping there can directly benefit the Hero Initiative:

One supercool thing about Ralphs is the Ralphs Rewards card. It’s your standard grocery store “club card” that gets you discounts and whatnot. But you can ALSO register it with a Ralphs-approved charity, and EVERY time you shop and use the card, Ralphs will kick in a small percentage to the charity of your choice. It costs you, the consumer, NOTHING. It’s just Ralphs kicking in a couple bucks to good causes. See where I’m going with this?

Yes, The Hero Initiative is one of those Ralphs-approved charities, and since Ralphs just switched over from Ralphs Club cards to Ralphs Rewards, we need YOU to re-register your card for Hero, which is easy as pie (tho’ not quite as tasty):

Hit the link for instructions, and enjoy some nice fresh arugula.


  1. Ralph’s is spectacular, and I mean no disrespect when I tell you, Heidi, as a New Yorker you should be shopping at the Greenmarket for your produce. It’s fresh, high quality, and you’re supporting local farmers.


    I forgot that it would be you. It does have awesome produce, I jsut need to make a time in my schedule to go there, no question.

  3. Hmm… Ralph’s is owned by Kroger, the biggest grocery chain in the U.S. Wonder if they offer similar programs at their other chains?

  4. The Community Contribution program Kroger’s runs is absolutely labyrinthine. I’d wager it has to do with their acquisitions of other chains, programs already in place, and when acquisitions were made. So it’s certain chain, certain regions, almost exclusively Ralphs, Foods Co and Food 4 Less in Southern California, Nevada, Illinois, and Indiana. But it generates real revenue, and is a VERY valuable program to us!

    If you have a card, sign it up!

    Jim McLauchlin

  5. The Kroger I go to every now and again (which accepts my Ralph’s Club Card I got a couple of San Diego’s back) still has the regular club/savings card but the rewards program may not have reached the MO/IL/KY regional stores.

  6. This is fantastic. I shop at Ralph’s nearly every week, and I suspect most other L.A.-based comics people do too (not being able to afford Whole Foods and so forth). I’m going to do what I can to spread this around.

  7. I spend at least 30-40 bucks at Ralph’s every week. Does VONS do something like this? I know I shop there too.

    I signed myself up as well as my friend. This is awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. A Ralph’s card is the only ID The Dude had on his person when he was being questioned by the Chief of Police of Malibu after being arrested at Jackie Treehorn’s garden party.

  9. Wish they had a Ralphs here in Vegas. We do have Vons and they said they are not participating in any such charity tied to their Vons Card.

  10. We reposted this info on the BOOM! blog as you can see above, I urge everyone that has some sort of online presence to do the same. Let’s get the word out about this program!


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