At a now-bookmarked site called Comic-Convention Memories, the author is posting some photos found in the late Shel Dorf’s collection highlighting: a) just how much fun the old San Diego really was; b) how majestic ’70s fashions really were.

Just a wee sampling:


Carmine Infantino, June Foray, and Dorf.


The caption says: From the left, Ken Krueger, Richard Butner, Barry Alfonso (kneeling), Greg Weir,Steve Stockbarger, Michelle Smith (in back), Dawn Greil, Rita Terrell, Chuck Graham (in back), ?, and Bill Lund.


Here you see people who appear to be actually lounging by the pool of the El Cortez. Jack Kirby is visible, and Neal Adams is at the center of the hubbub.


  1. Man I miss the way the ’70s looked. Nothing could’ve stopped me from catching the sub back to the mainland if I was on The Island during the last season of LOST.

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