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Look, we’re as sick of celebrity-written comics as you are…but when the celeb-written comics involve William Shatner and have covers as lurid and oddly compelling as this one…we’re a believer.

Besides, unlike many celebs writing comics, he pays a teensy bit of attention to them, if this interview with Geoff Boucher can be believed:

Shatner kept tabs on comics through the years, and he has a soft spot for the old Gold Key comics based on the original “Star Trek” television series. “Oh, they were great. They always made me look so skinny.” He also watches the current rage for super-hero movies with a bit of longing. “I would have loved to have been in a super-hero movie. Any of them. To be Superman? Or Captain Marvel? Who wouldn’t love that?”

Anyhoo, Shatner is now doing some comics for Bluewater, a newish horrorish publisher. More info via PR below.

Bluewater Productions proudly announces a part- nership with iconic actor and bestselling author William Shatner. The Washington based comic book company has contracted to do four titles with Shatner based on his popular science fiction novels. Bluewater’s “William Shatner Presents” franchise will include Shatner’s The TekWar Chronicles, Quest for Tomorrow, Man O’ War, and an exclusive new title that Shatner will create specifically- ly for the publisher.

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The comics will showcase storylines that will be continuations of the established plots featured in the fast-paced, sci-fi action-adventure books as opposed to direct adaptations of the titles. Shatner will be the creative force in the venture and will be working directly with Bluewater’s writers and artists, along with writer/producer Craig Nevius (The Fantastic Four, Black Scorpion), to develop the concept and look of the comics.

Bluewater’s publisher Darren Davis comments on the collaboration: “Mr. Shatner is a savvy businessman and a creative mastermind. We’re honored to be partnering with him and are confident our ef- forts will create comic books both his fans and ours will embrace.”

Shatner said: “Working with Bluewater is a great opportunity to bring these novels to a whole new audience.”

Science fiction fans all over the world are familiar with Shatner’s TekWar novels. The books showcase a hard-boiled private eye story set in the 22nd century. The plot revolves around an ex- policeman protagonist whose quest is to track down a missing scientist whose invention could win the war against the insidious computerized drug known as “Tek.” The novels were initially adapted by Marvel Comics in the 1990’s, and subsequently developed into an television series which ran from 1994-1996 for The Sci-Fi Channel in which Shatner co-starred, produced and directed.

Shatner has cultivated a career that has spanned over 50 years as a actor, director, producer, screenwriter, recording artist, and author. Before his iconic portrayal of Captain Kirk in the long-running Star Trek franchise, science fiction fans embraced the actor for guest starring in two classic episodes of The Twi- light Zone. Currently, Shatner stars in ABC’s critically acclaimed legal drama Boston Legal for which he has won two Emmys and a Golden Globe Award. He was also recently inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and remains one of pop culture’s most recognizable figures.

Bluewater will launch all four of the “William Shatner Presents” titles during the first quarter of 2009. The “TekWar Chronicles” will be an on going series while the three additional titles will be crafted into a mini-series.

  1. I believe Bluewater was originally an art studio that published through Image and then Alias before going solo. I remember interviewing thier head honcho about 3 years ago for something called Victoria’s Secret Service, although now I think they’re output consists of mostly books based on Ray Harryhausen movies.

  2. Bluewater is in it for the long haul. We used to be with Image Comics a while ago. We really thought long and hard about publishing before we jumped in. We did not want to be a company like Alias and Speakeasy that lasted a couple years. When we were at ALIAS we learned not to flood the market with books, which is why we only do 5 books a month. We are also doing Black Scorpion thru our Roger Corman line of comics. We do the Ray Harryhausen titles but also have tiles like 10th Muse (which was the 6th highest selling comic in 2001 – on Diamond charts). Also Legend of Isis which is optioned as a movie at Paramount. We did do Victoria’s Secret Service which will be out in graphic novel from in December. With the licenses we are making sure that we are working with the people – like Shatner, he is actually working on the books. Ray Harryhausen gave us notes and ideas. So we really want to work with these icons rather than just licensing something from them. It gives more to the reader. We put a lot into our books – we want people to feel like they spent their money well – with quality and extras. I love this medium and it is shrinking – and trying to do my part to have it grow.

  3. Am I wrong or was the first Tekwar novel adapted into comics form years and years ago? I’m too lazy to find the long box that has my old comics from when I lived in Hawaii.

  4. The article fails to mention that Bill is also a big Warcraft buff.

    You don’t want to go messing around with SHAMAN Shatner. He’ll go over to your house and kick your ass if you’re not ordering from Priceline.com



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