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Separated at birth?


“Your feeble skills are no match for the dark side!” — Patriots coach Bill Belichick channels his inner Palpatine.

“Come back and fight like a man!” — While Tom Brady searches for a shrubbery.

Just to give this a vaguely authentic nerd tie-in, here’s the New York Post’s proof that ANYTHING — even the Jets/Patriots rivalry — can be conceptually shoehorned into a Star Wars poster.

  1. After next week, you’ll feel like you put your foot in your mouth. The steelers are going to have a lead foot on the gas pedal. They’re not going to pussyfoot around; they’re going to have a foot on the Jets neck next week.

    BTW – I hate the Steelers and the Jets, but making fun of Rex Ryan is too much fun!

  2. I had actually hoped that the Pats would win that Monday night game — although not in suh a fashion — becuase I sensed the Jets would win the rubber game. Having beaten the Steelers just a few weeks ago — a game I missed due to being stuck in France — so think it will be a hard fought battle.

  3. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to the Steelers VS. Jets matchup… The week 14 game did not have Troy Polamalu or Heath Miller.

    The Tiki

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