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RECAP: Riverdale S5E16 – Chapter 92: Band of Brothers

Riverdale sees your Mother of Dragons and raises you one Mother of Bees

RECAP: Riverdale S5E14 – Chapter 90: The Night Gallery

Cheryl paints, Archie mines, and Jughead meets the Rat King

RECAP: Riverdale – S5E13 – Chapter 89: Reservoir Dogs

Coyote Ugly Comes to Riverdale!

RECAP: Riverdale – S5E12 – Chapter 88: Citizen Lodge

Riverdale gives its viewers the secret origin of Hiram Lodge!
Tabitha and Betty get high on Riverdale

RECAP: Riverdale – S5E11 – Chapter 87: Strange Bedfellows

When they go low, Betty and Tabitha get high.
Reggie lights the Blossom Maple Grove on fire

RECAP: RIVERDALE – S5E10 – Chapter 86: The Pincushion Man

Jughead gets high and Veronica gets played

RECAP: RIVERDALE – S5E9 – Chapter 85: Destroyer

Betty's at the breaking point
Archie is Riverdale's top firefighter

RECAP: Riverdale S5E8 – Chapter 84 – Lock And Key

One Riverdale family grows while another cleaves in two. One Riverdale family grows while another cleaves in two.
Jughead abducted from Riverdale by Mothmen

RECAP: Riverdale S5E7 – Chapter 83 – Fire in the Sky

Which is crazier? Jughead getting abducted by aliens or Veronica printing her own money?
The start of the new Riverdale-Stonewall football rivalry

RECAP: Riverdale – S5E6 – Chapter 82 – Back to School

"You should know what's going on in the boy's locker room..."
Riverdale Town Meeting

RECAP: Riverdale – Chapter 81 – The Homecoming

Just how many times can the writers compare Riverdale to Succession this week?

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