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SDCC’ 2014: A Peek Inside


by Pam Auditore

Wednesday night there were fireworks  over the Bay.  Last night there were oodles of events including:  the MTVu fan fest at PetCo park; the Nerd HQ parties; the Comic Book Defense League Party; the Witches of East End Party around the San Diego and at the Convention Center and so it will continue into Sunday.

The 2014 Comic Convention and News media Circus has fully descended on San Diego’s GasLamp District and  you don’t need a badge for Events outside the Convention Center.  And there are plenty, such as Nerd HQ, Petco Park Events  and the Chuck Jones Gallery.  Check out The Outside-Comic Con Blog and the SDCC Unofficial Blog for more details.

In the meantime, let me wet your appetite with a peak of only a few sights  from the Exhibit floor.


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