GAAH!  I can’t stand browsing through the Google News feeds anymore!  Too many celebrities!  Too many shows  and movies no one will care about in five years!  I’m sick of looking for ponies in piles of muck!

So, I’m gonna go see what AP has on their site.  Yes, I know a lot of what they post are the celebrity photos, from panels and parties. Got a foot fetish?  AP has pictures of the shoes worn to the Twilight  panel in Hall H!   (I’ve alerted the Pulitzer committee.)

But… they also have stringers.  There’s lots of “atmosphere” shots of crowds and cosplayers and everything else.  It’s like having someone take photos for you, while you wander the aisles looking for cool stuff.  (Last seven days = 2,374 photos)  argh… too much work.  and there’s the watermarks, and fair use, so back to Google…

So, here are some pretty pictures.  Enjoy.

I'm not exactly sure what Anne Curry is dressed up for, but I'm sure she'll have lots of adherents!
Doesn't this fall under the "giant sword" rule? (LA Times)
So sad… http://www.losanjealous.com/2012/07/13/san-diego-comic-con-international-2012-photos-day-one-july-12-comics-and-cosplayers-and-celeb-sightings-oh-my/1st-day-san-diego-comic-con-12th-july-2012-11/
More warning signs at: http://www.collegehumor.com/article/6794953/if-comic-conventions-had-warning-signs
Suicide Girls instruct how to cosplay with everyday clothing! http://suicidegirlsblog.com/blog/how-to-cosplay-doctor-who-are-these-the-sexiest-daleks-ever/
42 slides at http://www.mtv.com/photos/amazing-cosplayers-san-diego-comic-con-2012/1689306/7329940/photo.jhtml
More at http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/mixmaster/2012/07/our_top_ten_favorite_cosplay_p.php
More at: http://screencrave.com/2012-07-12/worst-weirdest-costumes-comiccon-2012/
More at http://toyanxiety.wordpress.com/
more at http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2012/07/12/san-diego-comic-con-preview-night/165978_10151268807949325_1424713504_n/

More slides at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/12/comic-con-2012-costumes-photos_n_1669577.html#slide=1223024
more at http://kroq.radio.comç/2012/07/13/crazy-characters-of-comic-con-2012/#photo-2

And from Flickr!

Catwoman meets the Black Cat (clean thoughts, Bub!)

Twisted Twins UK as Black Cat And Catwoman at Comic-Con 2012

CCI: Las Vegas!

Comic Con 2012

Awesome Hawkgirl!


Cosplayer, or Man On the Street?


Is this a Knight Templar?  Did he cosplay on Friday the 13th?


Galactus figurine

Awesome Galactus figurine

LEGO superhero relief

Wonder Woman and Superman out of legos

“Comic-Con International’s Prettiest Girl! The Most Beautiful Woman at Comic Con!”

Comic-Con International's Prettiest Girl!  The Most Beautiful Woman at Comic Con!

Marvel superheroines




  1. “I’m not exactly sure what Anne Curry is dressed up for, but I’m sure she’ll have lots of adherents!”

    If my eyes do not deceive me, Adrianne Curry is cosplaying as the popular(?) internet meme “Raptor Jesus.”

  2. @Nick Jones: that’s what I thought, too! Raptor Jesus is awesomely weird, didn’t realize that stuff was still floating around online, but should have known it was…

    “Hey Raptor Jesus, is that baby for sale?”

    RJ: “It is now! Hahahaha”

  3. My apologies to Ann and Adrianne. Thanks for the so clarification! There needs to be a word created to describe the situation where one creates an awesome costume, but most people do not recognize your brilliance.

    “an in-costume” like an “in-joke”? Kinda like those obscure references on MST3K.