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SDCC11: Geppi launches Fandom Advisory Network


In conjunction with the Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, Diamond is helping launch the Fandom Advisory Network, a collecting oriented advocacy network for all kinds of collectors. The organization will launch at Comic-Con of course, with signings and a contest to be named the Ultimate Fan of 2011.

PR below:

Fandom Advisory Network (FAN), which began its mission at Comic Comic-Con International: San Diego in 2010, celebrates its official launch at Comic-Con this year, July 20-24, 2011, at booth #2401 with Diamond Comic Distributors.

FAN offers pop culture lovers of just about every variety a chance to give a shout out to their fellow enthusiasts about what they like or love to collect. You can catch up on the news feed, see photos of other fans, read our first blogs (you can sign up and start commenting or blogging, too), check out the FAN videos and you can even enter our contest and win a trip for two to the New York Comic Con by making your case to be 2011’s Ultimate Fan!

Your interest may be comic books or action figures, movie posters or original comic art, sports collectibles or even great food, but we’re all passionate about something. You can be a fan of one collecting niche or many, it doesn’t matter. What counts is your enthusiasm. FAN is the perfect forum in which to express that passion and yourself!
As many of you know, the original idea for FAN was pretty straightforward: Whether in politics or business, groups speak with a united, single voice, they command attention. Isn’t it time for fandom to come together and find their collective voice? If you’ve ever said, “I think this should happen, or I don’t like what’s going on with that,” you now have the opportunity to come together with others in the collecting community to stand up and be counted.

FAN will continually actively seek input from the entire fan community on the myriad issues facing collectors. We aim to become a social networking site with real, tangible benefits for our members (like discount admissions, special exclusive offers and more). And just because the site has launched, that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped growing. This is a process, not a destination. At every step along with way, your feedback is not only welcome, it’s necessary.

At Comic-Con, FAN will celebrate the release of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #41 with two signings. Thor and Orion writer-artist Walter Simonson, who illustrated the Thor cover for this year’s edition, will appear on Thursday, July 22, from 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM. Power Girl and Wednesday Comics artist Amanda Conner, who drew the Supergirl and Batgirl cover for Overstreet #41, will sign from 11 AM to 12 noon on Friday, July 22. Both signings will be held at booth #2401.

Additionally, both with a continuing “Find The FAN Cam” contest at the convention and trivia contests online for those who can’t attend, FAN will kick things off with a bang.

Are you really into collecting? Do you love a character, comic book series, TV show, video game or movie? Do you love competing with your friends to put together the best collection? Are you this year’s Ultimate Fan?

The winner will receive an amazing VIP prize package that includes transportation to New York, hotel accommodations, 2 VIP tickets to New York Comic Con, a celebration dinner with superfan Steve Geppi, and more!

All you have to do is make and upload a short video (30 seconds should do it, and a maximum of 2 minutes) of yourself telling us why you are the Ultimate Fan of 2011!

The rules are pretty simple:
1. You must be a confirmed member of FAN.
2. You must be 18 years old or older OR have your parent’s permission.
3. Your video must be 2 minutes or less in length.
4. You must upload it to YouTube and send us the link to our Facebook FAN page.
5. Entries must be received no later than August 1, 2011.

You can enter in person at Comic-Con International: San Diego (July 20-24, 2011 at the San Diego Convention Center), where you can just visit the FAN booth and make your video. If you’re not attending the show, you can post it to our YouTube channel any time before the August 1 deadline.

The Fandom Advisory Network is a project of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, which is based in Baltimore’s historic Camden Yards sports complex, just next door to Oriole Park and immediately across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center.

  1. um, didn’t they ‘launch’ this at SDCC last year?? I signed up for it then at the Diamond booth anyway.

    How many years do they get to announce it before they have to do something with it?

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