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SDCC11: Day -1– Tr!ckster debuts, spectacles erected


Even as a prep day, Tuesday is now crammed with faces and activity. While inside the convention center, a massive Avengers display took shape at the Marvel booth, outside, Tr!ckster made a sparkling debut, and a line of themed carnivals took shape along the railroad tracks.

The big news outside the convention center was the soft opening for Tr!ckster, the comics-themed offsite event, showcasing independent comics creators. While it was still evolving — prints and posters set up in front of industrial sized stoves — the wares on display look sharp.

The life drawing classes — led by two gorgeous models — were well attended, and the bar got a shake-down cruise. As Tr!ckster is held inside the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, the wines are quality — we enjoyed a stunning dry rose from the south of Italy last night.

Show runner Scott Morse was running around seeing to last-minute details, but the response from everyone there was excitement. “This is going to be the hit of the show,” predicted Jimmy Palmiotti.

Some more views from Tr!ckster before the crowds hit:

Tr!ckster is located conveniently on the walkway that runs alongside the railroad tracks on the side opposite the convention center — just hang a left as you cross the tracks and you’ll be there in two minutes. While it’s the most comics-centric, this whole area is going to be a series of carnivals and events this year. We took a midnight stroll to see what was going on on Comic-Con Eve:

IGN has taken over the lot adjacent to the Hilton Gaslamp, with what looks like a spacey-themed pavilion. This should get lots of attention, whatever it is.

The Trolley stop by the Tin Fish has been themed with ComicSans. Oi.

Camp Twilight! While a lone reporter from Channel 6 was doing her stand-up nearby, between 100 and 150 fans were enjoying their camping experiences. While many are Twi-hards, some of them were lined up for other panels in Hall H on Thursday, we’re told, so DON’T JUDGE.

A hum of chatter washed over the scene — obviously this is a big party and something they will look back on for a long time. As one Comic-Con volunteer we ran into on the street explained, “People who live in LA or NY see these kinds of things all the time,but if you’re from Omaha, this might be your only chance to experience something this star-studded.

A lot of people we talked to couldn’t understand WHAT these people were waiting for — a chance to experience something they will never see again, to touch magic.

The new bridge over Harbor Drive has been open for a while! it’s a bit of a trek from the Harbor/Fifth con nexus, but it gets you over the tracks. And at night, it’s fairly spectacular.

The view back towards the Hilton.

Looming dreams.

  1. Wow! I just arrived and already feel like I’ve missed a third of the show. I’ll be at the convention center (avoiding the preview night madness) bright and early tomorrow morning. I’m so excited. This will be my 16th Comic Con. Can you believe it? My only regret is that I couldn’t get a hotel room, so no late nights for me. Staying in Rancho Bernardo and taking the trolly in. Still, that has it’s own charms and freedoms, too. Anyway, it’s just great to be back in San Diego. There’s nothing like this city.

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