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SDCC ’19: Exclusive MARIO KART die-cast goes gold

Will you pull the golden plumber?


Nintendo announced Tuesday that fans planning to pick up its Mario Kart SDCC-exclusive die-cast will have a 1-in-10 chance of snagging a gold version. It’s a collaboration between the huge video game company and Mattel, the same Venn diagram where Hot Wheels and Mario Kart meet. Nintendo went to Twitter to let fans know to stop by the Mattel booth for a glimpse at what that looks like.

The toy was previously announced in May – in silver only – with the following info:

“It’s a-me, Mario! Mattel’s first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive comes all the way from the Rainbow Road: the Hot Wheels Metal Mario Die-Cast. The Hot Wheels figure, which is based on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game, features Mario piloting a die-cast replica of a Standard Kart, and equipped with a Power Glider. It will retail for $20.”

So, if you’re a Mario Kart fan who likes to live on the edge, maybe one of those thrill-seekers who plays Rainbow Road on Mirror Mode, this could be just the gamble for you. Check out the images of the standard Mario Kart SDCC die-cast below and scroll back up for a closer look at that shiny, shiny gold version.


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