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SDCC Legendary Comics with The Beat, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Matt Wagner’s Tower Chronicles & Paul Pope’s PulpHope

Let's not meet this fellow in a dark alley, shall we?

Today, The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald chaired a Comic-Con panel on Legendary Comics, the new comic book offshoot of movie powerhouse Legendary Pictures. One of the highlights of the new line is Frank Miller’s upcoming book Holy Terror, a comic about terrorism that started life as a Batman vs. Al Qaeda project inspired by 9/11, but has since become an original work and will be published by Legendary. Miller was on the panel, but his involvement with Legendary was known in advance of San Diego Comic-Con.

What wasn’t known, was the addition of two new all-star names to the Legendary roster. Matt Wagner announced at the panel that he will creating a new comic series through Legendary, The Tower Chronicles, about a supernatural bounty hunter. Also announced and in attendance was comics legend Paul Pope, whose new art book, PulpHope, was announced would be coming out from Legendary in time for Christmas.

Earlier during the convention, Legendary released a book trailer for Miller’s Holy Terror, embedded below.

  1. ^^That was my first question.
    Also, does “creating” mean Wagner will be writing and doing the art for his project?

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