Issues Elephantmen01 Cover 200The debut of ELEPHANTMENT and the return of KAFKA are highlights of the Active Images booth at SD,
with Richard Starkings, Tim Sale ad JG Roshell around. Ask them about lettering!
Active Images — publishers of

The World’s Greatest Comic Book Fonts and a number of fine graphic novels and books, including STRANGE EMBRACE by David Hine, SOLSTICE by Steven T. Seagle and Justin Norman, THE NIGHTMARIST by Duncan Rouleau and the indy smash hit HIP FLASK series by Richard Starkings and Ladrönn — will be at booth #2106 at Comic-con, located in the Independent Publishers Pavilion. Starkings will also be signing copies of his new monthly Image series, ELEPHANTMEN, along with the regular artist on the book, Moritat, at the Image Comics booth #2729.

Active Images will be premiering Steven T. Seagle and Stefano Gaudiano’s Eisner nominated graphic novel, KAFKA, at the show, as well as a new sketchbook, PIN UPS, by Tim Sale. We’ll also have a special ELEPHANTMEN print by Ladrönn, another by Tim Sale and all sorts of ELEPHANTMEN promotional items, including free posters and postcards, and news about our annual font sale over at

Active Images is located alongside MAN OF ACTION, and BEN 10 creators Joe Kelly, Steve Seagle, Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau will be on hand to sign copies of KAFKA, SOLSTICE, THE NIGHTMARIST, BALLAST and HIP FLASK, which will all be available at the Active Images booth. Comicraft’s Secret Weapon, John JG Roshell, will also be happy to sign of our best selling How To book, COMIC BOOK LETTERING THE COMICRAFT WAY, and Tim Sale will be signing copies of his new sketchbook and TIM SALE BLACK AND WHITE at our booth at scheduled times all week.