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SDCC 2014: Day -1 — a peak at the floor and The Year of Guardians


I kind of had an inkling that Guardians of the Galaxy would be the big thing at Comic-Con 2014, and after looking on the floor for a few minutes…I was right. If it isn’t the Lego Rocket and Groot, it’s dioramas or the spaceship (Owl ship?) in the Marvel booth. The Marvel booth is very “under construction” but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see more Guardians imagery. I’ll be peeking back in a bit to see what else I can find but here’s a quick look!


Some of these are blurry spy pics because workers don’t like it when you stand there and take a lot of clear, well framed photos.


All my life I have dreamed of seeing Sean Bean on an airport luggage conveyor belt. Best promo of the show so far, but I just landed.

Nice Guardians of the Galaxy display at Hasbro.

This is a video of JJ Abrams telling you how awesome Star Wars VII is going to be.

Hot Wheels, I think I love you.


Star Wars Rebels

The stars of the show so far.


Seriously the only danger is that Rocket and Groot may be approaching Poochie territory with the exposure they’re getting.

Doings at the Marvel Booth. Is that Kree, Skrull or just part of an air duct?


The Alex Ross booth is always a treat although it’s relatively unchanged in recent years.

More Marvel swagga.

Batman is the big theme of the DC booth! I tried to get a better shot of the Batman costume displays—which will be very impressive—but too many nosy parkers.

Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton is thankful his palette of books just arrived. And MArch 2 coming in January.

Yes SLG and publisher Dan Vado are here. Despite Vado’s recent money troubles, he made it to the show with a lot of merch to sell…

…including this cool shirt. Many more like it. Check out the SLG booth across from the DC booth!

And my favorite booth! The land that time forgot, New England Comics. But I got word of a new Tick…sign coming. Maybe.

Brutal working conditions thus far.




  1. “More Marvel swagga.”
    That’s the Hot Toys booth. Notice the Superman and Batman on the right facing side of the banner.

    “Brutal working conditions thus far.”
    Uh huh. Brutal. Right. :)

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