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SDCC 2012 – The New Ultimate Iron Man Comic And The Ultimate Marvel Panel


By Todd Allen

Two primary announcements are coming out of the “Ultimate Marvel” Panel.  (That really does sound goofy if you say it out loud, doesn’t it?)  First off, there’s a new Ultimate Comics Iron Man mini-series coming out.  Secondly, there’s going to be an Event in the Ultimates line called “Divided We Fall.”

First off, Nathan Edmundson and Matteo Buffagni will be doing an Ultimate Iron Man mini-series.  This will also introduce the Ultimate universe’s version of The Mandarin.  Edmundson is an interesting choice for this.  Iron Man is a character that’s always darted in and out of espionage-related stories.  Edmundson’s been doing espionage-based stories over at Image, some with overt science fiction elements (Who Is Jake Ellis?), some playing it straight (The Activity). He’s also keeping in the general indie flavor the Ultimate line has generally used for writers.  Yes, Bendis was still mostly thought of as an indie guy who happened to be getting some work at Marvel, waaaaaaay back when he started Ultimate Spider-Man. Buffagni is probably best known for a run on Daken: Dark Wolverine.

Next (or first, if you go how they were announcing things on the panel), you have the next Ultimate Event, “Divided We Fall,” where Captain America attempts to fix the country and the mutant population tries to fight back against their attackers.

Over in Ultimate X-Men, Kitty Pride will continue to take the leadership role.

That’s really the meat of the panel.  A new mini- and a new Event.

Plenty of art, though.


Ultimate X-Men:

Ultimate Spider-Man

And speaking of Mr. Morales, how about some David Marquez interior pages?

  1. “Ultimate X-Men is absolutely scorching right now. Brilliant read, one of the best X-Books around” I have the sneaking suspicion that this may be because of Brian Wood’s involvement. He’s not a big name, but he was hand-picked by Warren Ellis to turn in scripts for Warren’s ideas for Generation X for the whole “Counter X” project.

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