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SDCC ’19: STEVEN UNIVERSE THE MOVIE trailer puts the Crystal Gems in mortal peril, but there’s still hope

Steven is older, wiser, and still saving the world


Steven Universe is growing up and now he’s got to save the world — again. Cartoon Network the first Steven Universe the Movie trailer at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and in addition to a new and terrifying villain, the trailer also reveals a new look for the beloved Beach City and its cast of characters. Steven and his friends are older, wiser, and ready to face whatever’s coming — together.

All Steven wants is a happy ending where he can live on Earth with his friends and his dad… but of course, when you’re a half-alien, half-human with magic powers, happy endings are rare. Still, when a maniacal, giggling, pink villain descends on Earth hellbent on destroying it — and all human life — Steven and his friends band together to defeat her and save the day.

The film will also feature plenty of new music from creator Rebecca Sugar, co-producer Chance the RapperPatti Lupone, and more, some of which can be heard in this first trailer for the film.

Additionally, the trailer bears an official release date: Steven, Connie, Greg, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl return to Cartoon Network on Sept. 2. Check out the Steven Universe the Movie trailer below.

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