Make sure you take everything flammable out of your bag! An adorable resin Dumpster Fire toy from 100% Soft is sure to be a hot exclusive at San Diego International Comic-Con this year. The 3.5” x 3.5” x 2.75” toy is hand cast and painted by PopsAndPop.

Each Dumpster Fire is signed and numbered by artist Truck Torrence. If you’ve used a Twitter hashtag for a Marvel or Star Wars movie in the past few years, you’ve likely already seen Torrence’s work. He’s responsible for the cute emoji characters that appear after the hashtags as promotion for the studio’s upcoming and recently released movies.

While the Dumpster Fire is based on a previously existing enamel pin design, the resin toy is exclusive to SDCC ’19. Each toy has a $50 price tag and there are two color variations: a green dumpster and a purple dumpster.

The Dumpster Fire toy will be available from 100% Soft at booth #1532 along with plenty of other SDCC-exclusive merch, including limited edition posters featuring each of the four Avengers movies. Sales will be limited to one per customer per transaction, with a limit of 10 total transactions per customer daily, so you’ll want to plan accordingly if you have a burning desire for this irresistible disaster!


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