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SDCC ’19: Psylocke no more! Betsy Braddock is officially Captain Britain

What does this mean for Betsy's future with the X-Men?


During Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con International, Editor In Chief C.B. Cebulski and new X-scribe Jonathan Hickman revealed that at least one mutant is getting a new title. Betsy Braddock, a.k.a. Psylocke, will officially be the new Captain Britain.

Cebulski likened the transition to Carol Danvers taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel. Betsy’s brother Brian has long held the Captain Britain moniker, though neither Cebulski nor Hickman explained how the transition will occur.

Meanwhile, this begs the question — will we see Kwannon, the Japanese woman with whom Betsy mind-swapped in Uncanny X-Men #256, back from the dead? Will someone else take up the moniker? Hopefully, the upcoming Dawn of X announcement will at least answer some of these questions, if not all of them — especially since Captain Britain is in one title and Psylocke in another. Per Senior X-Men Editor Jordan D. White, that Psylocke isn’t Betsy. Our money, for now, is on Kwannon.

— with reporting by Joe Grunenwald


  1. Does this really make a difference? At this point switching ID’s and powers are sort of standard, in my opinion done more for shock value and to create buzz online than for any real plot reason.

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