The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced yesterday that Viz Media will be joining their ranks as the newest publisher to become a corporate member. As part of the move, Viz will be giving out copies of a Manga Book Club Handbook, which is designed to allow libraries, retailers and and communities to catch up on releases and get people involved in reading manga.

The CBLDF, as I’ll be handily referring to it from now on because it’s way easier on the typing fingers, are an organisation whose first priority is towards protecting the freedoms of comics – to be made, to be read, and to be published. Viz joining them only makes sense – they’re one of the biggest publishers of manga in the US, after all – and sees them join a roster of publishers which includes DC, Dark Horse, Image, Scholastic… basically every publisher you can think of. Not Marvel, curiously enough.

Kevin Hamric, VIZ Media’s Senior Director, says:

“Their proactive initiatives to inform and educate the public about manga, and their efforts as an advocate for readers, educators, and retailers of all types make them a vital organization. We are proud to contribute to their work!”

To find out more about the CBLDF, head to their website here.