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SDCC ’16: More photos of the preview night preview with Harley Quinn and Captain America


The Beat is one of a sleet list of outlets that was allowed to preview the show floor this morning, and Nickelodeon, Lego, IDW, Marvel, DC, Boom and Sideshow were gracious enough to give us tours and his off their exclusives for the show.

Highlights included:

• Nick’s 90’s nostalgia booth celebrating the 25th anniversary of their original animation program with such shows as Ren & Stimpy Doug, Rugrats and so on.

• Lego’s new Captain America, Wonder Woman and Nanjago figures, each over 20K piece and 300+ hours of labor to construct.

• IDW’s huge, elegant new booth layout with the addition of Top Shelf and games integrated.

• Marvel’s 13 foot tall, 1 ton statue of Captain America which we were not able to see unveiled; as well as Skottie Young exclusive pins.

• Boom’s impressive line pf variants including Backstage, Over the Garden Wall and more.

• DC’s must-see display of costumes from the Warner Vaults including Lynda Carter’s original Wonder Woman costume; and the cast of Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. Spoiler: these people are big and tall.

• Finally Sideshow had all kinds of cool stuff…as you can see. LOBO.

I’ll be back with captions explaining all of this later.

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