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SDCC ’15: How was your Activation?


Every morning DC held a press breakfast and gave out lots of swag and coffee. These were really productive events I thought and I had a great meeting with the whole DC pr team that should lead to some great things for both the Beat and PW. PLus I got to see my movies ALbert Ching, Graeme McMillan and Joshua Yehl. But one morning two people came in dressed as elves. This was invite only, and I never did find out what outlet those guys worked for. Rivendell Times?

Oh yeah back to the floor, Top Cow’s Elena Salcedo. Love her!

Boom!’s Shannon Watters and Cartoonist Hope Larson signing at the Comixology booth.

One of my favorite things about Comic-Con is getting to take pictures of people you just introduced who you never thought would meet. Here’s Barnes & NObles graphic novel buyer Jim Killen and comics legend Maggie Thompson! JIm told me about how B&N is expanding its GN sections and Maggie and I talked about detoxing from caffeine.



Magical con.



At the CBLDF party i know it’s a shit picture but Stuart Moore. Joan Hilty. Marie Javins and Andrew Aydin of March fame. Another group of randos! Magic of Con!

Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s gold lame jeans were one of the top five things at the show easy.

At a highly enjoyable panel about Ultimate comics that New York Magazine’s Abraham Riesman chaired, with myself and Graeme McMillan, Riesman gave this Fine loki a $25 cash prize. The panel evolved into comics gossip of the Aughts and that was great. What a heady time it was!


I predicted there would be a lot of Max Mad Fury Road cosplay at the show and incredibly, I was right! Really put on my wizarding hat for that one.


This is part of the Friday night camping line, but when I asked what they were lined up for I was told, in an offended tone, “ANYTHING BUT HALL H!” I guess they were lined up for Sergio Aragones!

I happened to be walking in back of the convention center as the Hall H crowd was leaving for the Star Wars concert but had no idea what I was seeing at the time.

More con twilight magic.

The pre-Eisner line for Hall H. This was for the WB panel in the am. People had been camped out for wristbands since that morning.

They came well provisioned.


AT the Eisner I was seated right in front and these are real photos not telephoto lenses. Trina Robbins gets into the Hall of Fame. I have about 100 Eisner photos alone but I think I’ll flickr them for those interested.

The comedy team of Orlando Jones and Michael Davis. Seriously Michael Davis has great comedy timing, but they came on right after the In Memorium section and I was very sad at that since so many of them were people I actually knew. Jones brought the crowd right back up like a pro.


Shannon and Noelle in tears after the Lumberjanes win.

And Jonathan Ross!

When Wossy met Ed PIskor. oesn’t get any more comic-con than that.

After the ceremony two of our greatest living cartoonists played with their dolls.


As I walked BACk from the Eisners at midnight or so, the line was getting moved to a safer spot. Seriously people.



AAAAAND the next morning I got into Hall H without any waiting at all! That’s Eddie Ibrahim, the “Shah of Hall H” who runs the proceedings with a firm hand.

Here’s a panorama photo of when they revealed the whole 180 degree $600,000 sc reens for the WP presentation. It really is cool but nothing will ever top seeing the Mad Max Fury Road teasers on these screens.

What’s it like in Hall H? Like this. With whooping for Will Smith.

After the WB thingie people headed outin DROVES. NO one likes Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? While trying to make a phone call, I accidentally got into Hall H two more times in the next 15 minutes.

A veiw of the Scream Queens ride and the PetCo carnival area from the skybridge.

And another. That dome is the library as I mentioned above.

I got to interview Sid and Marty Kroft! Transcript coming! OMG OMG OMG

Getting to the above interview took me through a battalion of security at the Hard Rock and also into this Lego Experience thinger activation.

Back to the show floor! I met up with Dan (Moon Lake, Brooklyn Gladiator) Fogler who had just been announced as being in the cast of the new Fantastic Beasts movie, aka the new Harry Potter even though Harry Potter isn’t in it. Dan and Ben are collaborating on some projects  and I think at one point I jumped up and down and said “I’m so excited!”

I think this was at the Marriott and if getting into a pool makes me iconic, I’m in!

The actual press room at Comic-Con. Water, coffee cup and empty Kind Bar wrapper. That about says it all.

Well okay!

Another team up, Heavy Metal’s Jeremy Atkins and Superfan Production’s David Hyde, two of the best in the business.

This is end of con.

My favorite booth.

AAAAAAAAAND WE MADE IT! Sunday night dinner! at a new venue and it was pricey but one of the top four or five meals I’ve EVER had at Comic-Con. This was no Panda Inn.  Amazing company as well.

MOnday mrning before check out I went to the MArriott’s amazing pool to lie in the sun for about 15 minutes. I saw about three other comic-con people doing the same in their street clothes. WE did not say a word to each other. And then I followed the secret path and tried to get to the tennis courts, but I didn’t make it. Not enough time. Next year!

A new show was coming in. It was all just memories and iPHone photos and tweets.

On the train to LA one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen, as if someone had made a cloud grid.

ONe last stop, Daiso, the $150 store of Japan. OMG OMG OMG. Did not need more stuff but now have more stuff.

Waiting for my flight home. My beloved Hayden-Harnett Ibiza tote held the necessities but I had a lot of other stuff to tote home; I didn’t have time to go to the PO to mail it or get a new bag to hold every thing but as I was packing I found my giant con bag! IT WAS PERFECT.  The perfect ending.

She missed me.

Whoa writin this has been like being at con again. Next time more posting DURING THE SHOW. See you in 365 days!


  1. Great photos, Heidi! And a great recap.

    One thing: that photo of Trina isn’t her getting into the Hall of Fame; it’s her accepting the award on behalf of Marjorie Buell, who was one of the two Eisner-judges’ choices for the Hall of Fame.

  2. Y’know, during Comic-Con, I told some author acquaintances that the general industry term for these event experiences is “activation,” but I don’t think they believed me. I hope they see this and sense my validation.

  3. I generally love the cbldf party, but the decision to put a giant bar on one end instead of 3 or 4 smaller bars scattered around was not great. Nobody knew where the line was, it was chaos, and it took so long to get a drink that we left early in favor of the hyatt bar rather than hang out there. It’s a great cause that I actively support, but not sure I’ll be able to convince our group to go again next year.

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