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SDCC ’15 Hickman might not be Done With the Marvel Universe (Secret Wars Panel Recap)


Friday kicked off Marvel’s Secret Wars panel that sported a presence from author Jonathan Hickman. With the announcement that the author planned on leaving/scaling back his Marvel work, this could be the last we see of Hickman from a very long time with an official Marvel presence. Included among the panelists was Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, who spent some time chatting with Hickman before the show proper began. Kieron Gillen was noticeably absent to the panel — after being listed on the Marvel.com description. Josh Williamson of Illuminati joined the fray, and Charles Soule arrived late to the party with editor Wilson Moss, editor Sana Amanat and Jake Friedfeld, Sales Communication & Event Coordinator moderated the panel.

NOTE: Brevoort and Hickman teased that they were working on more Marvel series together and…possibly…a new title featuring The Eternals, no artist is attached as of this moment. What follows is basically Marvel sharing some new covers and dates for their upcoming titles which had to be mostly shuffled around to not spoil anything about Secret Wars.

Secret Wars #5 is dropping August 12th — or so it seems, “It’s kind of a suggested date” said Brevoort, “A bunch of your questions are answered and then shit goes wrong” said Hickman

Red Skull issue #2 is launching on August 5th. Red Skull is supposed to be dead in Secret Wars, Williamson’s book focuses on the rumors surrounding Doctor Doom’s team sent to explore the location in search of the Red Skull sent by Magento.

-The new issue of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows  is shipping on August 19th “it’s a soft date” said Brevoort acknowledging that the comic was a “Dan Slott” book.

Civil War #3 is coming on August 26th focusing on Tony Stark never actually surrendering, chronicling what happened if the event had simply continued. The Blue and The Iron led by Captain America and Tony Stark respectively. I like putting She-Hulk in stories said Soule. The comic is a five-issue mini-series.

-Weirdworld #3 is coming August 19th.

-Sana Amanat joined the panel later, however, author Kieron Gillen was nowhere to be seen.

-The New Old Man Logan #4 on August 26th sees Logan explore Battleworld further, and featured on the Andrea Sorrentino drawn cover is a group of spiders including Peter Parker, Miles Morales and more.

A-Force #3 is launching August 12th.

Inhumans Attilan Rising #4 is coming August 12th, which contains the the creative team of Charles Soule and John Timms. Black Bolt is leading the resistance within the Quiet Room of Battleworld. Medusa has been sent by Doom to stop his operation. Soule acknowledged that the comic is a Casablanca riff taking place in a bar.

1872 #2 is launching on August 19th with Gerry Duggan and Nik Virella that has covers from Doc Shaner. Brevoort exclaimed that he had positive feelings for this issue.

-This is one of the few rooms that would clap when asked if anyone had read Squadron Sinister, the third issue is launching on August 19th. Brevoort referred to the story a s noir crime drama.

Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra is coming August 26th which was referenced as a title that Axel Alonso wanted to publish for a number of years. Hank Johnson is an everyman that simply works for Marvel on the side.

-House of M #1 with Dennis Hopeless and Marco Failla is coming on August 19th with a cover from Kris Anka. Mutants are the higher race of characters.

-Friedfeld asked if fans liked Howard the Duck, but seemed confused when the next book on the slideshow was Howard the Human, who is a human living in a world full of animals. Skottie young and Jim Mahfood are launching the title on August 19th.

-Secret Wars: Secret Love #1 is shipping on August 19th.

Ant-Man: Last Days #1 is coming August 26th from Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas with a cover by Mark Brooks.

Secret Wars: Agents of Atlas #1 is coming in October from Tom Taylor and Steve Pugh.

The panel led to fan Q&A:

-A fan asked if the pieces of Avengers and New Avengers from Hickman would see more of a payoff following Secret Wars. “You might not get everything you want, but you’ll get an ending” said Hickman.

-When asked what drew Hickman to the characters of Reed Richards and Doctor Doom Brevoort explained: “Reed is like Jonathan in the morning, Doom is like Jonathan at night.”

-Brevoort shared that Hickman is interested in doing something with The Eternals followed by Skottie Young’s named directly referenced as an artist — but it could have been in a joking manner?

-Joshua Williamson explained that he wanted to write The Punisher eventually during his time at Marvel. Soule shared that he has a good “Steve Rogers book” in him.

-Amanat elaborated that she wanted to try out writing Squirrel Girl. Someone asked Hickman about Starjammers, and the author shared that he wanted to do that and an “X-book” as well.

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