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SDCC ’15: Comics and Pop Music Panel introduces Archie Meets the Ramones

Archie Meets the Ramones (courtesy of Comics Alliance)

By Harper W. Harris

Today at the Comics and Pop Music: Making New Noise panel at Comic Con, there was one of the most interesting groups of people on stage: Patrick A. Reed of Comics Alliance moderated Matt Rosenberg, Alex Segura, Amy Chu, and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys as they spoke about the fascinating ways that music and comic books cross paths.

In an SDCC exclusive announcement, Segura and Rosenberg talked about a new miniseries from Archie Comics that they are co-writing: Archie Meets the Ramones, with art by Gisele Lagace. The promo art, seen above from Comics Alliance’s post, looks fun as hell. Rosenberg said that Archie comics are what got him into comics, and Ramones are what got him into punk, so it was a “perfect combination.” Segura says the mini-series will be “fun and a little weird.”

Zoldar by Mix Master Mike and Tony Washington

Amy Chu, who will be writing Poison Ivy as was recently announced, spoke briefly about the Run DMC comic she is writing, and the legendary Mix Master Mike talked about his Zoldar project with Tony Washington, which is both a comic character and a multimedia experience. There is an Oculus Rift aspect in which you enter the virtual world of Zoldar and experience the music and story in 7.1 surround sound. The music has already been made, and soon we can expect to learn more about the scratch-wielding superhero.


  1. The Ramones — great in their time, but really? Archie has been taking about audience expanding lately, but is this the savviest path? How about teeming them with a band from at least the past ten or twenty years. Who’s next? The Cowsills? The Mills Brothers?

  2. I think anyone who knows a lick about Alex Segura knows why this project is perfect for him. And Gisele Lagace ought to really shine here. She deserves the spotlight.

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