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SDCC ’15: Brooklyn Gladiator debuts from Dan Fogler, Andrew Harrison and Tom Hodges



Here’s one of the more offbeat comic debuting at this year’s Comic-Con: Brooklyn Gladiator by Dan Fogler, Andrew Harrison and Tom Hodges with a cover by Glenn Fabry will be available in a Con special ashcan edition at booth #1223.

The book was kickstarted earlier this year and features a wild storyline that involves, well, everything:

Brooklyn Gladiator is the lovechild of Orwell, Huxley and stoner conspiracy theories. It imagines a future dystopian New York in which nanites do all the work, chemtrails have become an all-consuming fog, and the constant threat of war ensures an isolationist government’s absolute power.

John Miller is public enemy number one. He fights nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and sells bootleg drugs far less contaminated than the government’s brand. Psychic abilities have surfaced in John’s mind, allowing him to bypass the state’s tech and access ancient knowledge. John’s talents will send him on a journey against the machines that govern his city as he deconstructs their regime and the very concept of civilization.

Main creative force Dan Fogler may be best known for starring on TV shows like Secrets and Lies and Hannibal and movies like Balls of Fury and Fanboys, but he’s got a pretty solid comics background as well having written the Moon Lake anthologies from Archaia. Fogler will be signing ashcans of the book from Thursday on.

If you like crazy dystopian fantasy mixed with ancient astronauts, this may be the book for you. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE preview of the first few pages.

PS: Beat associate Ben McCool is listed as an editor on this book, and will be tabling with Fogler all during the show, hence the hype alert.

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