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SDCC ’14: Ronan Farrow, Chuck Nice and Lea Delaria on sexual harassment at cons???


MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow got comedians Chuck Nice and Lea Dearia on his show to talk about Geeks for CONsent and their campaign to get more signage and a clearer harassment policy at the SDCC. Their take on it was the usual talk show bold face talking points surrounded by awkward laughing. The Geeks for CONsent weren’t impressed.

I think all the messaging can be argued here but what GfC DID do is put up harassment policies in bathrooms, including some in men’s rooms.they are also collecting stories of con harassment here.


  1. Oh! Hyuck, hyuck! Those crazy Comic*con kids weren’t wearing burkas so they’re asking for it, clearly..! Haha, it’s funny.

    I would’ve thought given Ronan Farrow’s previous sensitive treatment of this issue via his interview w/ Valerie D’Orazio that he’d “get” this as a serious issue.

    Or, y’know, maybe not. ’cause it’s funny if it happens to someone dressed up as Wonder Woman.

  2. They are using my daughter’s photo for their thumbnail. She is “Beast”. She is a young feminist, so….look out!

  3. Wendy, props to your daughter’s costume. It looks awesome.

    Why is it “surrounded by awkward laughter” There’s three people there. It’s only them laughing.

    Well, if you’re going to have a comedian roundtable, what do you expect of them? A Meet the Press interview. Although, they get serious from time to time in this clip.

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