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SDCC 14: Marvel Animation is Hooked on a Feeling


By David Nieves
Marvel showed all things animation to kickoff their Saturday morning at Comic-Con. An awkward light dim stirred the anticipation and caused things to start late. Then the marvel logo took the screen and out came Jeph Loeb to pump up the crowd. Loeb then left tuning the turning the panel over to the deus.
On the panel were Court Lane, Stephen Wacker, and Eric Randomski.

First up Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors, a full episode was run. Steven Webber the voice of Green Goblin himself was among the crowd. The premise of web warriors has the Goblin traveling through alternate dimensions to hunt Spider-Men for their DNA. This episode has them going through the 2099 universe. MIGUEL O’HARRA! Their first meeting kicks off with a standard misunderstanding fight oh and it appears each alternate universe will appear in a unique animation style.
The second act of the episode has Spider-Girl, Petra Parker. In her universe every male character is opposite , including a Nicole Fury. Harriet Osbourne, you can guess who Norman is in this universe, she even throws pumpkins. After the episode a clip from the gag filled Spider-Ham universe. This September should be fun for Spidey-Fans.

Fred Tatasicore the voice of the hulk came on stage to announce Avengers Assemble season 2 September 28. As expected, the team will deal with Thanos and the Infinity Gems. Hulk Agents of Smash season 2 will debut on October 15. The Hulks are still in space and they’ll run into some cosmic Marvel surprises. Clips from season 2 of each were shown.

Iron Man / Captain America Heroes United, an animated movie is coming. An exclusive clip will be shown during the Cup O Joe panel. The movie releases next week .

During the Q&A a fan asked about animated movies based on events. The team is focusing on the shows but teased a “disassembling”.
We also found out that while characters like Nova would appear during web warriors, but lots of different Marvel characters would also make cameos during the one hour premiere.

Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming back to Spider-Man and a surprise GOTG animation test was shown that featured Rocket and Starlord for an all new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon on Disney XD. No more details could be talked about yet but from what we saw it has a very 90’s X-Men feel in the best possible way.

The panel came to an end and it looks like Marvel is trying to once again make the weekends about watching cartoons.


  1. This information would be inspiring if any of the three series were as good as either Spectacular Spider-man or (the first season of) Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but alas… earwax.

    But that’s just my opinion, of course.

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