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SDCC ’14: Bryan Fuller reveals season 3 Hannibal spoilers


 By Hannah Lodge

[Spoilers for the show up to and including season 2 below – obviously! – Steve]

Hannibal show runner Bryan Fuller revealed some early details for the upcoming third season at Comic Con panel and press events Thursday, including the likely inclusion of Gillian Anderson as a series regular next year, the return of several characters whose lives were left hanging in the balance, and a shift in time.

Fans attending the Hannibal panel were treated to an early spoiler when cast member Raul Esparza, who plays Doctor Frederick Chilton, was confirmed to be returning for season three in spite of taking a bullet to the face at the end of season two.

Espara said he knew his character would survive what appeared to be his bloody end, and revealed in a press conference that he’ll have a crucial role in the future of the series.

“I know that I’m instrumental in catching him,” Esparza said. “He’s going to become my prisoner. Doctor Bloom is involved.”

Fuller also revealed in the press event that guest star Gillian Anderson, who plays the role of Bedelia Du Maurier, is currently in negotiations to become a regular on the series.

“Bedelia is the smartest character on the show,” he said.

Fuller said the third season would take place a full year after the events in the season 2 finale, giving the audience a glimpse at Hannibal and Bedelia’s life on the run, which he described as Talented Mr. Ripley-esque.

Caroline Dhavernas (Doctor Alana Bloom) also attended the events and confirmed she would be participating in the upcoming season, though she would not reveal exactly what had happened to her character.

“She will be back, but I’m not sure in what state,” she said. “I know she will be a changed woman, and will continue on with a different way of life.”

In addition to the time jump, season three will feature flash backs (including one with guest star Eddie Izzard) and will focus less on the procedural episode-of-the-week and more on the manhunt for Hannibal.

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