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SDCC 12: Kirby meets Kandinsky


Andrei Molitiu, he of Abstract Comics fame, is moderating afascinating sounding panel, along with Mark Badger.:

The San Diego Comic-Con is almost upon us.  If you are attending, please come to my session on “Jack Kirby, Modernism and Abstraction,” Friday 2:30-3:30 pm.  AC anthology contributor Mark Badger and I will discuss–well, we’ll discuss what it says in the title of the session, plus we’ll show a number of published and unpublished abstract comics, by the two of us and by others, influenced by the King.

As the above comparison of Kirby and abstract art pioneer Wassily Kandinsky shows…there’s a lot to the komparison.

  1. Strip out the black layer of four-color printing, and the blobs of CYM colors resemble an abstract painting.

    Or enlarge the CMYK halftone screen.

  2. Proof that there are (and have always been) interesting and intelligent comic book panels at SDCC. It’s not just about Hall H, folks. Good luck with what I’m sure will be an amazing panel.

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