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SDCC 12 Day -1: Con is coming – first look inside the hall


Okay first off this is awesome:

Starbucks new Cool Lime Refresher made with green coffee extract. Basically tastes like a cucumber gin and tonic…only with a big kick of caffeine instead of alcohol. It’s all that kept us going through the following.

After getting in around noon, and some work and a sad attempt at a nap we ventured forth to get the lay of the land and a taste of the mood around San Diego’s Gaslamp quarter. The mood? Expectant. Everything has been shined and polished and festooned with superhero stickers. Now there is just the tense wait as the big giant party is about to descend.

Strolling down Fifth Ave, these signs were everywhere, showing that merchants were con-friendly.

Hey wait a minnit — they welcome other cons too!

Moving Down Fifth towards the convention center you run into the big Heroes for Hope art exhibit.

And see what movie has taken over the Tin Fish.

The Defiance themed breakfast nook at the Hard Rock.

And yes they are actually building a CARNIVAL with rides for The GRIMM/Revolution exhibit at the Tin Fish area right at the base of Fifth.

We managed to get inside where set-up was taking place. Sadly here our camera battery decided to start acting temperamental. The CBLDF’s Alex Cox had a chipped elbow so we helped him move boxes.


Things look pretty peaceful and minimal down in Old Town of Comic-Con.

Super Bart Simpson encroaches on the Iron Man display at the Marvel booth. Only at Comic-Con! At this booth we were shooed away by a teamster who said “No pictures.”

A better look at the booth, which will feature several examples of Iron Man armor.

First attempt at a picture of the BRAND NEW DC Entertainment booth. It has a very modern, modular look, with bisected cubes hanging over the participants.

The book of the Show! Love & Rockets #5.

Meanwhile…back in Hall C…

D&Q’s Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin are attending the same show together since the kids showed up.

Viz has a cool, newish booth

Lego is anchored by a quick temper.

Holy Shit, WETA’s troll models from the Hobbit are amazeballs!!! They actually loom over you. Sadly, we never got a proper picture of them.

The Walking Dead is headed into the forest, based on this cover.

Meanwhile, back outside at Camp Twilight, the mood included hushed laughter.

The Bayfront Hilton. Know your San Diego Hotels!

And then back over to the more placid region of Artists Alley

The WV’s huge Extra pavilion rises in what was just a reedy wilderness previously.

The Hilton banner emerges.

Camp Twilight

A healthy day starts with Breakfast!

And continues with buying small children superhero costumes.

Something big brewing at Fifth and J. This installation was surrounded by a phalanx of anxious men twiddling on their cel phones trying to get it just right.

Were they sold here or yonder?

  1. The “something big brewing at Fifth and J” that looks like a concert stage is one of those people-living-in-a-car contests to win the car. Yep.

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