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SD11: No more room at the volunteer booth, either


If you were thinking of getting into the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con via volunteering, that window too passed a few weeks ago:

The Comic-Con 2011 Volunteer Program is now full.
Thank you for your interest in the Comic-Con 2011 Volunteer Program. Our program is now full. Please check our website in the fall for information on volunteering for Comic-Con 2012.


  1. I wonder if they have the same volunteers over and over again every year? Perhaps a system where you can volunteer once every several years (like jury duty) would be in their best interest, so it at least allows others to have a chance to contribute to the Con.

  2. Have to wonder how many of this year’s volunteers will be hitting the line for 2012 tickets before/after their shifts?

  3. A lot of SDCC volunteers are greenhorn con-goers from out of town trying to save money. But I can tell you that yes, some volunteers do work every year possible (I’m one, but I’ve known many others after all these years of waiting together in line). The reason volunteer signups are full and never truly opened up to the general public is because priority was offered those folks with previous experience who are in good standing with the Vol Dept.

    Simply put: they asked us back. We said yes. Done deal. Sorry newbies, you can still try at the door.

    The system in place now is arranged to prevent abuse of the honor system. However, for people with a solid, proven record of fulfilling shifts they could give 4-day badges for reduced shifts. Or maybe volunteers could leave a refundable deposit, as other conventions often do, and get their money back after keeping their promise to work without skipping off. Maybe for trusty veteran volunteers they could arrange for advanced schedules for people willing to work two or more shifts on Sunday (the day that is usually light on manpower yet still needed for cleanup/takedown).

    I would love for veteran SDCC volunteers to be eligible for a 4-day+pre-nite badge discount (let’s say, the 2008 price at $60~) so that we could give up our posts and ‘retire’ in regular attendee bliss. Scrambling around each day worrying about getting a shift or finishing a shift or making sure our cards are properly turned in and signed is a nightmare. Getting promoted to ‘minion’ level staff is more time consuming and no longer offers the same perks as it once did (for example, staff aren’t allowed into the exhibit hall before opening as of 2010).

    And if any higher-ups in the Volunteer Department are reading this: if you could make my discount idea a reality I will gladly bring you as much extra swag as my well-trained arms can carry as a thank you. You do try to take care of us; we’d love to return the favor.

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