And now, the news…

Comics to Screen

Joss Whedon has officially confirmed he will direct THE AVENGERS. There is now, officially, a chance in hell it will pass the Bechdel test.

Oni Press, publishers of the SCOTT PILGRIM series and WHITEOUT, among others, have announced a first look development deal with CBS Television Studios for their comics properties. Will we get a QUEEN AND COUNTRY television series? We can hope!

Kurt Busiek’s creator-owned magnum opus, ASTRO CITY, has been optioned for a film.

Indie favorite CHEW is on its way to television, from the same people who are bringing out the Walking Dead TV series. Hopefully it won’t end up in the same development hell as POWERS.


According to DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, DC and Warner Bros. Interactive currently have a new SUICIDE SQUAD video game in development. Unsurprisingly, given the title (or, indeed, the things that usually went on in the comic of the same name), the game will be, to quote Johns, “Hardcore Violent”. A GREEN LANTERN video game and a sequel to the successful Batman: Arkham Asylum game are also in the works.

Bill Willingham announced that the 100th issue of FABLES will be a 100 page giant issue, and that it will contain a final reckoning between a longtime FABLES villain and a major character. It will also contain a story written by Mark Buckingham (the series’ usual artist) and drawn by Willingham (usually the writer) as well as a celebrity reader question and answer section.


Marvel has erected a giant golden Throne of Odin for the fans to stand before in awe and wonder.  Make of that what you will. Watch out for thunderbolts!

General Con News

Frank Frazetta’s famous painting “Conan The Destroyer” has just sold for $1.5 million in a private sale at San Diego Comic Con by the Frazetta Management Corporation.

Those wacky fundamentalists of Westboro Baptist are at it again. What will they think of next? This year, they’re picketing SDCC for “worshiping false idols” (where did they ever get that idea) and thus giving con-goers a whole new source of amusement! Picketing the picketers! Signs sighted include “God Loves Gay Robin”, “Odin Is God”, “God Hates Jedi” and “Pass the Mutant Registration Act Now, Protect Our Children.”

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  1. [T]he 100th issue of Fables will be a 100 page giant issue, and that it will contain … a celebrity reader question and answer section.

    You sell the celebrity reader section short:

    a section featuring “celebrity readers” asking questions on the series to be answered in comic form.

    In comic form! If that’s not worth twice the normal price, what is?

    Am I right in supposing those “celebrity readers” are “celebrities who read Fables” (Sam Wurzelbacher, Vince Offer, Bill Saluga, etc.) and not “prominent fans” (like the letterhacks of days gone by – Irene Vartanoff, Guy Lillian III, Bob Rodi, etc. – or the celebrated bloggers of today)?

  2. “a celebrity reader question and answer section.”

    Oh, great, because I hadn’t vomited in my own mouth in a while, and I’d forgotten what that was like.