If we read this PR correctly, the CBG/Impact Books booth will be the center of all things “Ozzy” at the con — with promotional Ozzy Osbourne fans. At least it wasn’t a tote bag! They’ll also have a display of how-to books, a new price guide, trivia, and portfolio review.

Taking up practically the whole left-side of the middle section of the 1400 aisle, Impact Books, the leader in how-to write and draw comics, graphic novels and fantasy art; Krause Publications, the authority in pop culture and collectibles publishing; and Comics Buyer’s Guide, the world’s longest-running magazine about comics, have teamed up, the Brave and the Bold-style, for this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego to make the experience of attending Comic-Con even more rewarding.

All 130,000 attendees are encouraged to make booths 1415 and 1419 their destination location, bypassing all other booths to get to this section. Once there, they’ll discover a plethora of merchandise, giveaways and contests that will fill hours of entertainment that otherwise might have been spent waiting in line for star-studded celebrity panels.

The Impact Books section offers a wide selection of books, in many categories, including how-to, graphic arts, writing, humor, film, collectibles, and much more, all priced at 50% off! Books by Orson Scott Card, John Howe, Peter David, Bob Hobbs, and many, many others are all on sale. During the Con, Tom Nguyen, Brian and Kristy Miller, Ryan Mecum, and Harry Hamernik are on the bill to sign copies of their books and Tony Pacitti will be giving away advance copies of his book, My Life as A Wookie! Speaking of giveaways, attendees should check the board for daily book giveaways at pre-assigned times throughout the show. Also, while they last, free awesome Bryan Hitch posters announcing his new book, Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comics Studio, are available!

In the Krause Publications section, we’ll have promotional Ozzy fans, so everyone can ride the “crazy train” and sing the praises of our new book, The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne. Plus, we’ll be promoting our newest film book, Horror Movie Freak, which comes with a free DVD of Night of the Living Dead and will be available first exclusively at Comic-Con!

We’ll be busy at the Comics Buyer’s Guide section, too, promoting our newest comics price guide, Comics Shop, the only full-color price guide on the market. Attendees can play CBG Trivia for a chance to win a signed poster featuring art by Mark Sparacio. Plus, there will be a giveaway of 1000 Comics You Must Read, CBG issues for a buck, and, the ever-ubiquitous, much more.

And for those who think they have what it takes, Impact’s own editorial director Pam Wissman will be checking out art portfolios in Area D, on Saturday, July 24, from 2:30 to 7:00 p.m.


  1. I’m helping design this book and getting a kick out of some of the quotes, like this one:

    “I really don’t feel like the father of
    metal or rock, more like a big brother.”
    (New York Rock, 2002)