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SD09: Random stuff


• A comic-con wedding! How charming! Ray Dillon and Renae De Liz, who both work on IDW’s ROGUE ANGEL, will be wed in holy matrimony on Sunday afternoon, Tony Lee will officiate. The ceremony will take place on the outside balcony — we’re guessing that’s the spot where we like to take meetings and naps and LARPers like to stage battles. Something for everyone at Con.

Steven Grant has many thoughtful things to say about Comic-Con and it’s evolution; of some interest is his observation that it has now eclipsed the festivals it used to be compared to:

San Diego is no longer “Sundance South” because Sundance is no longer relevant. (Hopefully less Hollywood scrutiny will allow it to once again become a venue for genuinely independent film.) It may be San Diego is now America’s premier “film festival,” precisely because the audience isn’t perceived as the JULIE & JULIA audience – the type film festivals usually target – but an audience keen on exactly the sort of film, action/adventure blockbusters, that studios perceive as their bread and butter.

Johnny Zito and Tony Trov of the Zuda comic BLACK CHERRY BOMBSHELLS are doing a road trip, with blog. The journey begins tomorrow.

• Bits of EW’s Comic-Con 2009 issue are online, and actual comics are barely mentioned. Come on, comics people…rise up in rebellion!

• The folks behind the webcomic ELLIE CONNELLY will be at the show. We’re not sure why we clipped this, but we like the art. In fact, we may use it again, should need arise.

Kevin Colden!

• Webcomic collective Keenspot will be broadcasting live and feature many cartoonists at their booth.

• Antarctic Press at Booth #2307 celebrates 20 years of attendance:

Ben Dunn – founder of Antarctic Press and artist of Ninja High School and Marvel Mangaverse
Fred Perry -creator/artist of the cult favorite Gold Digger.  Come get a preview of the long-awaited final part of his self-animated video, Gold Digger: The Time-Raft!
Rod Espinosa – creator/artist of Prince of Heroes, Courageous Princess and Neotopia
Richard Moore – creator/artist of Far West, Fire and Brimstone, and The Pound
Joe Wight – creator/artist of Twilight X
David Hutchison – artist of President Evil and Oz: The Manga
Chris Allen – artist of Obama: The Comic Book
Matt Spradlin, Barry “Bazza” Wernick and Anthony Vargas – creators of Bad Kids Go to Hell.  The first 100 people to show up at the A.P. booth wearing the private school uniforms from Bad Kids get a free BKGtH backpack!
Guru Efx – come meet the masters of comic coloring, who have worked for Marvel, Dc, Dark Horse, Slave Labor, Avatar and of course Antarctic Press
We will also be reviewing portfolios and submissions throughout the convention.

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