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SD09: PopCult party pics


Jeff Newelt was nice enough to pass along some photos from SD09’s PopCult party, which he helped organize, and I’m nice enough to post ’em so here goes:

Paul Pope makes his DJ debut at Comic-Con

Pop Cult / Devil’s Due’s Josh Blaylock and Pop Cult / Kingdom Comic’s Christian Beranek

Jim Mahfood rocking the live art

Jim Mahfood [http://www.40ozcomics.com/] does live art on a live model

Comic-Con goers brought the ruckus to the PopCult party

Adam Roth shows off Paul Pope’s Coke Zero print, given to the first 300 guests.

Artist John Cassaday (foreground) announced at Comic-Con he’ll be directing an episode of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

Top Shelf Comix publisher Brett Warnock w/ SMITH comics editor + party co-host Jeff Newelt aka JahFurry

Sam Humphries, who attended on behalf of the CBLDF and crew

CBR’s Andy Khouri and lovely ladies

Jill Thompson

Party co-hosts Josh Blaylock of PopCult/ Devil’s Due and Jeff Newelt aka JahFurry comics editor of SMITH & HEEB

Brea Grant (Heroes), Jimmy Aquino and Marvel’s Jen Grunwald, with unknown gent.


  1. Without much commentary about whether or not it was a party worth attending (though it looks fine), wall streeter parties are very different thing. For one, no one who works in wall street has facial hair.

  2. fun times indeed! great pic of me, brea, zane, & jen. but just a little type w/ my last name. there’s no “C” in AQUINO. thanks!

    the unknown gent is Zane Grant. Brea’s brother.

  3. That was one hell of a night. Amazing party. And why so negative, Eric? Those are some awesome people. You know them?

  4. The Popcult party was EPIC. The crowd was intensely diverse and easygoing (it’s the Con, so ranging from geek to chic). Ask anyone who was there, including myself, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone without a huge, mischievous grin :]

    Popcult II next year? *Crossing fingers*

  5. I agree — I’m not above saying that was one of the coolest parties I’ve ever been too — music, people, art, The Flash. But I am from Ohio, so…

  6. Well, I was the sweaty dancing guy in the blue shirt above and having been to plenty of NYC parties that were actually fun, I can say that this party was off the hook. great sound system and a really fun crowd….and I am as far from “Wall Street crowd” as you are going to get…

  7. Based on these Party Photos, I’m going to start saving
    to go to next year’s Comic Con in San Diego!

    I wish I could have gotten one of those Paul Pope Prints!!
    Pop Cult II Here I come

  8. Huh. Didn’t recognize Pope at first glance. For some reason he looked like one of the brothers on Supernatural. Anyway, as much as I like Pope’s art, I can’t stand Coke Zero. So torn on that print.. which I had no chance of getting. Also.. there was a black version of that Paul Pope shirt with the comic panels?!

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