NBM and Papercutz are fielding a strong group of creators, including Lewis Trondheim and Rick Geary. Check out the list below — signing times are in the jump.

If you’re going to the San Diego comic-con, don’t miss the signings at the NBM Publishing and Papercutz booths.  We’ve got:

Greg Farshtey (Creator of LEGO’s BIONICLE)
Rick Geary (A Treasury of XXth Century Murder) 
Neil Kleid (Brownsville, the new The Big Kahn)
Scott Lobdell (The Hardy Boys)
Sho Murase (Nancy Drew)
Lewis Trondheim  (Dungeon)
Chad Michael Ward (Black Rust)
Cornnell Clarke (Peanut Butter)
Shane White (North Country, the new Things Undone)

Publisher Terry Nantier will not only be at our booth but on the panel about Comic Strip Reprints on Friday at 1:30PM in Room 3.
And the whole Papercutz crew (Nantier, Farshtey, Lobdell, Murase and editor Jim Salicrup) will have a panel of their own on Sunday at 3:00 in Room 2.

Booth 2046 
Thursday 4-5:30
Friday 2:30-4
Sat.: 10:30-noon 
Scott LOBDELL “The Hardy Boys”
Thursday 1-2:30
Friday 5:30-7
Sat.: 2:30-4
Sun.: 10:30-noon 
Sho MURASE “Nancy Drew”
Thursday 11-noon
Friday 11-noon 
COME JOIN US AT OUR PAPERCUTZ PANEL Sunday at 3PM room 2 with Bionicle’s Greg Farshtey, Nancy Drew’s Sho Murase, The Hardy Boys’ Scott Lobdell as well as editor in chief Jim Salicrup and publisher Terry Nantier. GET A FREE TALES FROM THE CRYPT COMIC BOOK! 
Booth 1528 

Lewis TRONDHEIM  “Dungeon”, “Little Nothings”
Special Guest of the Show
Firday: 4-5:30 
Rick GEARY  “A Treasury of Victorian & XXth Century Murder”
Thursday 2:30-4
Friday 10:30-noon
Saturday: 2:30-4 
Neil KLEID “Brownsville”, “The Big Kahn” SHOW PREMIERE!
Thurs.: 1-2:30, 4-7
Fri.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4
Sun.: 10:30-noon, 1-2:30 
Shane WHITE “North Country”, “Things Undone” Special San Diego Preview SHOW PREMIERE!
Fri.: 1-4, 5:30-7
Sat.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4, 5:30-7 
Chad Michael WARD “Black Rust”
Thursday: 4-5:30
Fri.: 2:30-4
Sat.: 5:30-7 
Cornnell CLARKE “Peanut Butter”
Wed.: 6-7:30
Thurs.: 2:30-4, 5:30-7
Fri.: 1-2:30, 5:30-7
Sat.: 1-2:30, 4-5:30
Sun.: 1-2:30 
Publisher Terry NANTIER will be on the panel about Comics Strips Reprints Friday at 1:30PM