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Steven Seagle writes to tell us:

Man of Action Studios, the creative collective of Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, and Steven T. Seagle – creators of the hit BEN 10 franchise and the upcoming GENERATOR REX both for Cartoon Network as well as countless cult comic books will return to booth 2007 at CCI. MOA will be stocked with all of the BEN 10 DVDS as well as a full selection of this year’s new Man Of Action Comics (published through Image). Series artists Marco Cinello (SOUL KISS), Max Fiumara (Four Eyes), as well as Rouleau (The Great Unknown) will be signing – check the booth for schedules. Kelly and Seagle appear Thursday at 4:30 on the panel: Workshop – Creating Creator Owned Comics The Image Comics Way (Room 7A/B). Casey will appear on the Marvel Comics : Dark Reign panel Saturday at 11:30 (Room 6A). Each Man of Action will be announcing a new series at the con and the company is actively seeking artists for a variety of new projects, so bring portfolios by for review.

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