Daniel Connor from Antarctic wrote us the following very nice email about what they have planned for San Diego this year:

In our twenty-four years of business, which began in 1984, Antarctic Press has published over 850 titles with a total circulation of over 5,000,000! This includes some of the most respected and longest-running independent series in comics. We were also the first comics company to exclusively produce manga styled comics in the Western Hemisphere, long before many others!

The creators who will be with us at booth 2307 include Fred Perry (Gold Digger, Legacy), Ben Dunn (Ninja High School, Marvel Mangaverse, Warrior Nun Areala), David Hutchison (Oz: The Manga, Dragon Arms, Pirates Vs. Ninjas), Joe Wight (Twilight X, Pirates Vs. Ninjas), Rod Espinosa (Prince of Heroes, Courageous Princess, Neotopia), Kelsey Shannon (Bastard Samurai, Yeti vs. Vampire), Richard Moore (Bone Yard, Far West, Fire and Brimstone), Robby Bevard (Ninja High School, Pirates Vs. Ninjas), Wes Hartman (Sky Sharks, I Hunt Monsters), J.L. Anderson (Gold Digger: Tifanny and Charlotte), Chris Allen (Warrior Nun Areala), Lee Duhig (Guru FX), and Jochen Weltjens (Guru FX).

We will be showcasing a batch of new and soon to be released comics this year. This includes Land of Oz: The Manga, Fire and Brimstone, Yeti Vs. Vampire, Gold Digger: Tifanny and Charlotte, and Pirates vs. Ninjas: Debate in ’08. Also, celebrate with us as Fred Perry completes his 100th issue of his Gold Digger color series (on top of the fifty issues of the previous black and white series) and prepares for a grand relaunching of Gold Digger with issue 101 this fall!


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