The Scream Awards, a loud horror/fight/Emlia Clarke-centric kudoscast that probably represents our last best chance for the future, chose winners on Sunday, in a ceremony taped for viewing tonight (9 pm EDT). Awards were given for comics and they were:

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel
The Walking Dead

Best Comic Book Writer

Ed Brubaker

Best Comic Book Artist

John Romita Jr.

Best Comic Book Movie

Scott Pilgrim Vs the World


Scott Pilgrim also won for Best Fight Scene for the final battle between Knives and Scott and Gideon Graves, so its progress to beloved cult classic continues apace.

One fact very little noted is that the Comic-Con Icon Award (given out by Comic-Con International) was presented this year to voice actress June Foray. The voice of Rocket J. Squirrel, Granny, Witch Hazel, and countless other animation voices, Foray is one of the great ladies of nerd world and to see her get the same honor as previous winners Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, George Lucas, and Stan Lee, is kinda awesomely cool.