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Scott McCloud’s birthday cake


The pundit/cartoonist turns 50.

  1. A happy birthday to Scott McCloud! (seen here in an actual photo from SPX 2006, no kidding, where he was extraordinarily nice to fledglings)

    I hope I too am surprised with chocolatey cake on my 50th, which should be coming along in, oh, 30 years or so.

  2. Oh. Linky not work.

    “Seen here” via the link to my name, then

    (You know what else I would like for my 50th birthday, which is coming along in 45 years? A preview function, yup.)

  3. he got a “Reinventing 50” cake, but it was a little undercooked and nobody really liked it (though most of them said they did while hiding the half eaten bits)

    the “Making 50” cake was an elaborate cookbook with large section dedicated to the personalities of flour.

    happy 50th Scott, and here’s to many more!

  4. I would’ve thought the cake would be more of a Carl-type comic, where panels would be cut out, eventually having only the beginning & ending panels left to eat.

  5. I cringe at the actual thought of ever turning 50, and that’s a few short 3 and a half years away for me – but Scott seems to wear it well.

    Must be all those self caricatures.



  6. On Mr. McCloud’s birthday, I re-read all the Zot! tpb’s I had in the house, & was charmed anew by them.

    Also, as the colorist on Dawn, this inspires me to get Joe (Dawn’s creator/my work partner) to do my upcoming 40th birthday cake. The Beat should know I may request a Dawn drawn in the Brokebackiest pose possible. ;)

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