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Schulz Library needs volunteers tomorrow


Here’s an update on the status of the CCS Schulz Library, which was endangered by flood waters but saved by a plucky and heartwarming band of volunteers who risked danger and dampness to rescue every single book from the library. Although the books are high and dry, the building they were housed in is in questionable shape, and the books are extremely jumbled from the sudden move. In order to get things organized for the new class, arriving in scant days, a call has gone out for some help:

Please come to the Telegraph building, located on the corner of Gates St and Currier St in downtown White River Junction, between the hours of 9am and 3pm starting tomorrow, September 1st. This effort will continue through next week (starting Tuesday) until further notice. If you have small-to-medium sized boxes for storing books, please bring them with you! We will be sorting and packaging our entire collection.

It’s a cramped space, so anywhere from 4-7 volunteers at a time would be ideal. Volunteers can contact me directly to let me know when you are coming: mcgurk@cartoonstudies.org

If I lived anywhere near the library, I would totally be there! An afternoon in pre-Labor Day Vermont sorting graphic novels? Sounds lovely.

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