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Periodically, Barnes & Noble publicizes a sales clearance on their website.

Actually, it’s almost continuous, as they are always getting new book on clearance, just like the bargain books section in their stores.

Yesterday, while I was checking the bestselling graphic novels, I checked the bargain books section as well.  Sure, I get an employee discount (and would get it on top of the cost of the book, if I shopped at the store), but I’m always looking for a bargain!

So here are four titles which appeal to geeks and sundry.  Some are quite impressive, some are just interesting.  I do recommend searching the website, as there are some perpetual bargain books (books published specifically for the discount market, as opposed to “remainders”, which are warehouse overstock).

Click on the title to order.  We make no coin from this listing, we’re just letting you know about some awesome deals!

Simpsons World: The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20

by Matt Groening

$14.99 BN.com price
$150.00 List Price (Save 90%)

[This was a big gift book published in 2010.  That’s a huge discount.  If you look at the regular full-price book, you’ll see more pictures.  Each episode gets a two-page spread, which I believe is the layout for the older trade paperbacks.]


MAD Poster Book

by Editors of Mad Magazine

$4.99 BN.com price  [Cheap!]
$25.00 List Price (Save 80%)

[This is from 2008.  12 x 16 in; 15 full-color prints.  Buy three!  Two to tear apart and frame, one to get slabbed so you can sell it years later and fund your retirement!

Hey, Warners!  How about reprinting some of those iconic Super Special posters, like Sergio Aragones’ map of the United States?!]


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Manga Fantasy Creatures, Illustrated

by Matt Forbeck, Tomoko Taniguchi

$2.99 BN.com price
$19.95 List Price (Save 85%)

“Reading manga has grown increasingly popular over the past few years, as has the desire to learn how to create one’s own manga characters. Following in the footsteps of the highly successful The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Drawing Manga, Illustrated, this guide offers readers how-to instruction for creating fantasy creatures in the manga style. With more than 300 illustrations, readers will learn how to create everything from chibis and furry creatures to dragons and monsters. Each step-by-step illustration builds on the last, using a second color to highlight the new strokes, and ends with a full-color rendering of the final creature.”


Guide to Tolkien’s World: A Bestiary (Metro Books Edition)

by David Day

$6.99 BN.com price
$12.98 List Price (Save 46%)

[This is an actual bargain book (the price ends in $X.98), published by an imprint of Barnes & Noble.  So while the 46% doesn’t seem that impressive, the book was already discounted when priced at $12.98.  Click on the title above for sample images!]

  1. About a month ago, I bought The Art of Harvey Kurtzman for ten bucks. It’s got a $40 original price. Quite the score.

  2. Evan…. 43% is not enough? And free shipping to your house, so you don’t have to lug it home (like I did)?

    Taschen rarely remainders their books, ESPECIALLY the deluxe volumes. They might reprint them in a cheaper edition, or issue a condensed title. For the DC book, they are splitting it into various smaller volumes.

    (Hmm…. found some interesting titles from Taschen… will have to do a Coming Attractions post for them!)

  3. At last year’s Wizard World Chicago I found a softcover copy of the complete Bone series for five bucks. I thought that was quite a score!

    I also bought a handful of reading copies of Captain Marvel Adventures, only to find out later that none of them contained insides that matched the covers…and for $1.00 each I really didn’t feel bad.

  4. Torsten, even with that discount I can never scrap together the funding to afford that book.

    As it is, I’m going to order those new volumes breaking up the book into parts because Levitz is adding new stuff into them so now getting the $200 version doesn’t matter anymore.

    LOL cause even if I had it, I’d end up getting these smaller versions for the new stuff.

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