Back in November, underground cartooning legend S. Clay Wilson suffered a severe brain injury that has left him incapacitated. While at first it was feared that Wilson would not survive, he has made a lot of progress — he’s laughing and drawing again but will need supervised care for the rest of his life.

That care will be expensive. Wilson’s longtime companion, Lorraine Chamberlain, has started the S. Clay Wilson 
Special Needs Trust, where folks can donate or help out:

Although he is still recovering in the hospital and beginning to draw again, (in his signature dense-pack style) his ability to earn a living in the future is in serious question. a depleted bank account and mounting bills make it imperative that his fellow man (and woman) come forward now and donate what they can to help this iconic artist develop a healthy, independent quality of life when he comes home to Lorraine Chamberlain, with whom he has lived for the past nine years.

He will need loving care for the rest of his life. Please help us do that for him.


  1. Steve, I’m sorry to learn of your injury. I was hoping to contact you about our 50th reunion of the Class of 1959 at Lincoln High. It’s being held in Lincoln on October 2-4. At least 6 of the old “clique” are getting together at Sarge’s for dinner. It appears now that you will not be able to join us for the event. I hope you continue to recover. My wife and I occasionally visit friends in the bay area, and we’d love to see you if you are able. The next time will be on or about November 14, 2009 after the reunion. We will probably have some photos from the reunion to show you. Hope to see you then!


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