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Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe heads into development for the big screen


Per Deadline, we may be looking at a whole new big screen universe unfolding in front of us soon as Graham King and Fundamental Films are teaming up with Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, The Dark Tower, Batman Forever) to adapt the characters and storylines of Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe.

Liefeld launched his comics line (Awesome Comics) after parting ways with Image, which became the home of many of his “Extreme Studios” titles like Bloodstrike, Avengelyne, Prophet, Supreme, and Youngblood. While Awesome Comics ceased production in 2000, a few of those titles have seen great critical success in recent revivals such as Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay’s Supreme: Blue Rose, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell’s Glory, and of course Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Giannis Milogiannis, and others work on Prophet – one of the best comics of the current decade.

While Deadline’s report doesn’t nail down specifics, it does state that some of the characters up for a film treatment include: Bloodstrike, Brigade, Lethal, Re-Gex, Cybrid, Bloodwulf, Battlestone, Kaboom, and Nitro-Gen, though they make note that the Extreme Universe encompasses nine titles and hundreds of characters.

Post-Deadpool, a character whose co-creation he is best known for, Liefeld’s comic properties are surely a hot ticket, especially in the lead-up to its sequel. He’ll have a hand in these upcoming projects, as a producer along with Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! I’m very excited for Rob and looking forward to seeing how these develop.


  1. Liefeld is a great guy and I’m very happy for his success! Hopefully he’ll do like he did with Deadpool and make sure other people get paid, too.

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